Your Personal
Human Design Audio Report

Get started now on your Human Design journey and learn about your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile and Defined & Undefined Centers by listening to an Instant Reading, a 100% unique personal Human Design audio reading, crafted by experts & recorded by professional voice artists. Available for download & instant listening.

Quick, Personalized Insights

Instant Readings were designed to give you quick insights and personalized information about your Human Design, before you are ready to commit to a full in-person 1-on-1 reading session.

Instead of looking at your chart, listen to it instead. It's that simple!

Why an Instant Reading?

Although an Instant Reading will never replace a real 1-to-1 live session with a Human Design professional, it has its own advantages & benefits:

Instant Reading

  • Instantly available
  • Costs only $49 one-off
  • Listen anytime, anywhere, no internet required
  • Choose from various voices*

1-to-1 Scheduled Live Reading

  • Can take days or weeks to schedule in a session
  • Can cost $100's or more, per session
  • Book in a fixed time, internet required
  • Only have a single voice available

* Multiple voices will be available over time as voice talent artists contribute to this project

How It Works


Select Your Human Design Expert


Choose Your Preferred Voice


Enter Your Birth Details & Checkout


Listen to Your Instant Reading

The Features

A 45-60 minute in-depth audio covering your specific Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Defined/Undefined Centres

Ability to choose your Human Design expert, depending on your preference of  background, experience, perspective, and certifications

Ability to choose your voice talent, so you can listen to the voice that you like best

Available to listen to right after checkout in the email you get with the audio link

The Benefits

Save time by getting immediate access to your Instant Reading instead of waiting days or weeks for a 1-to-1 live appointment

Cut out the headaches of having to find a trusted Human Design expert, and instead choose from expertly crafted, vetted & reviewed readings**

Save money by gradually getting yourself acquainted with your design before committing to 1-on-1 readings that go into more depth

Absorb & integrate your personalised reading by listening to it in the voice you choose, anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like

Try out various Instant Readings to taste a Human Design expert’s style before committing to going deeper with 1-on-1 readings with them

Understand the fundamentals of your Human Design, so you can start to align more with your mechanics and live according to your unique design

** Multiple experts will be available over time as Human Design experts contribute to this project


$49 Per Instant Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an Instant Reading different from a real 1-to-1 session with a Human Design expert?

An Instant Reading is a personalised Human Design reading that goes through your personal Human Design chart and gives you detailed information about your specific Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Defined/Undefined Centers. It will give you the fundamentals up to a certain level and will pave the way for you to then get a more individualized and in-depth 1-to-1 reading with a Human Design expert.

A 1-to-1 session with a Human Design expert is better if you want to go far more into detail, ask questions, and understand more advanced aspects of your Human Design and how all of the different elements of the system work together.

An Instant Reading can be the first step for beginners who discovered Human Design for the first time or are still quite new to it and want to learn more about their design before committing to work with a Human Design expert, which usually requires finding the right one, making sure they have availability, and investing hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in the readings themselves.

Is an Instant Reading a replacement for a 1-to-1 reading with a Human Design expert?

No, it’s not a replacement, but it’s a great stepping stone to a 1-to-1 reading that makes the transition to working with a Human Design expert much easier and more seamless than jumping into the deep end. It gives you time to assimilate and integrate the basics of your Human Design before exploring more advanced and deeper aspects of your design.

Why does the length of an Instant Reading vary between people?

You may notice if you have purchased a few Instant Readings for various people, that the lengths of the audios can vary. This is because it is a personalised audio, and some segments may contain audio that is shorter or longer than others. Despite the lengths varying slightly, each Instant Reading still has equal content and value.

What about details about my channels, gates, variables, incarnation cross, and other information?

At the moment, Instant Readings cover Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Defined/Undefined Centers. In the future, we plan on expanding this to your unique channels, gates, variables, incarnation crosses, and more.

Do you offer refunds?

No, because it is a digital product and you’ll have access to it after checkout, we do not offer refunds. If you have any issues with accessing your product, do contact our support team at

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you are purchasing on behalf of family members, you can email us and we will send you a coupon to use in order to save on multiple readings. We also empower our affiliates with the ability to offer a slight discount so they can pass these savings onto their audience.

I am a Human Design expert, and would like to create a reading, how can I contribute?

If you are a Human Design expert and would like to leverage the Instant Readings technology to add your own readings so you can use Instant Readings as a tool to promote your 1-to-1 readings, as well as earn passive income, then you are welcome to apply to become a contributor. 

Contributors get a % royalty for every sale that is made that uses their reading. It requires them to write detailed information for each of the aspects being used in the Instant Reading. 

This is then reviewed by our in-house certified Human Design expert who will then work with you to refine anything before it is approved and recorded by our voice talent artists. Once your Instant Reading goes live, you will be able to start promoting your Instant Reading to your audience.

If you’re curious about how our contributor model works, please check out our Contributors page to learn more about our transparent breakdown of how everyone gets rewarded.

I am a voice talent artist, and would like to record a reading, how can I contribute?

If you have experience with recording your voice and have a good quality microphone and a quiet space to record, then you are welcome to apply to become a contributor.

As a voice talent artist, you will be recording readings created by Human Design experts. The total length of audio can vary depending on the reading length, however, at the moment there are about 48 audios to record per reading. This may increase over time, and any expansions would require you to add onto past recordings.

You will need to commit to recording at least one reading, however, if you’d like to increase your potential to earn more passive income, then you can record more if you’d like, up to the total number of Human Design experts we currently have.

If you’re curious about how our contributor model works, please check out our Contributors page to learn more about our transparent breakdown of how everyone gets rewarded.

I have an audience that is interested in Human Design, do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! If you’d like to promote Instant Readings to your audience and earn a percentage of each sale, then you are welcome to apply to our affiliate program. For more information about the terms and conditions, you can view our affiliates page.